PhD colloquium

Open to all PhD students within the CHASE consortium

Monday 14 March


Richard Hoggart Building 356 (main building), Goldsmiths, University of London

*To register to attend and request preparatory readings, please email

In preparation for the conference, The Centre for Cultural Studies PhD programme will host a colloquium open to PhD students within the CHASE consortium on the Monday prior to the conference. During the workshop we will discuss the broader themes framing the conference and their disciplinary co-implications, and some recently published work around “plant theory”. During the conference, ample time has been scheduled for each presentation and discussion, and the aim of this workshop is to bring together PhD students from across the CHASE consortium institutions and in preparation for engagement in the conference discussion sessions.

We will be discussing the following texts:

Matthew Hall, Plants as Persons: A Philosophical Botany (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2011). Chapter 5: ‘Indigenous Animisms, Plant Persons, and Respectful Action’, pp. 99–118

Jeffrey T. Nealon, Plant Theory: Biopower and Vegetable Life (Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2015). Chapter 1: ‘The First Birth of Biopower: From Plant to Animal Life in Foucault’, pp. 1–28

Francis Hallé, In Praise of Plants (Oregon: Timber Press, 2002). Chapter 4: ‘Plant Biochemistry in a Nutshell’, pp. 145–72

Discussion led by Matthew Fuller and Shela Sheikh